#039 Ruby Bayley-Pratt – Sexual Harassment in the Sector

Do fundraising leaders need to wake up to the fact that zero-tolerance of sexual harassment is not the reality? Is sexual harassment commonplace in the ‘good’ sector? How do we address the power dynamic that predators seem to take advantage of?

Simon talks to Ruby Bayley-Pratt (twitter.com/RubyBayleyPratt) about her recent article and asks a bunch of clumsy man-questions about where we are now, what’s next, and why haven’t we figured it out yet?

Have a read of the original article here: https://twitter.com/stevejcotterill/status/1105018086686629888

Here’s the Have I Got News For You clip that Ruby mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s08JBPwCko


If you have been personally affected by anything discussed in this podcast then consider reaching out to:

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