#047 Paul Nazareth – Notre-Dame and Faith Fundraising

In the aftermath of the Notre-Dame fire, the King of Networking Paul Nazareth (twitter.com/UinvitedU) finally joins Simon on the podcast to talk through the dynamics of faith fundraising.

Along the way they chat about buildings vs. people, personal brand, church, innovation, tech, the humble church donation basket and more!



#046 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Become A Better Public Speaker!

As a fundraiser your public speaking is so important. How you deliver your message can be the difference between someone donating, volunteering, or doing nothing. We can all benefit if we have better public speakers working in the charity sector.

Everyone starts off scared of standing in front of a room full of people. In this week’s Quick Tip, Simon shares the tips he has learned through his journey to becoming a international speaker.

#045 LIVE! Unpopular Fundraising Opinions

A very special LIVE recording of Simon Scriver’s Amazingly Ultimate Fundraising Superstar Podcast! Join Simon as he delves in to some of your Unpopular Fundraising Opinions and opens the floor to anyone that would like to dial in!

#043 Robin Peake – Thanking Donors

This week Simon chats to a leader in donor care: Robin Peake (twitter.com/robin_peake) from the charity Home For Good.

They talk through Robin’s approach to small charity donor communications. Covering appeals and thank yous and newsletters, they also speak in very manly voices about culture, customer service, delighters, and genuine vs fake interest in people.


Keeping an active blog on your organisation’s website improves your SEO, encourages people to visit your website, engages and inspires visitors to take action. But do you struggle to find the time or come up with content?

In this week’s Quick Tip Simon shares ways to come up with engaging content while minimising the amount of time you need to devote to it.







#041 Caoileann Appleby – What Donors Want

“The things that matter most to your donors don’t depend on big budgets and lots of staff.”

Wise words from this week’s guest Caoileann Appleby (twitter.com/Qaoileann). As Simon delves deeper in to them, they chat about what donors actually want versus what they say the want. Along the way they touch on the difference between the English and Irish, Brexit, the Catholic Church, weightlifting, legacies, and conversations with donors.

Check out a couple of Caoileann’s blog posts:
How are Irish donors different?
What they say isn’t always what they mean…

#039 Ruby Bayley-Pratt – Sexual Harassment in the Sector

Do fundraising leaders need to wake up to the fact that zero-tolerance of sexual harassment is not the reality? Is sexual harassment commonplace in the ‘good’ sector? How do we address the power dynamic that predators seem to take advantage of?

Simon talks to Ruby Bayley-Pratt (twitter.com/RubyBayleyPratt) about her recent article and asks a bunch of clumsy man-questions about where we are now, what’s next, and why haven’t we figured it out yet?

Have a read of the original article here: https://twitter.com/stevejcotterill/status/1105018086686629888

Here’s the Have I Got News For You clip that Ruby mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s08JBPwCko


If you have been personally affected by anything discussed in this podcast then consider reaching out to:

#036 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Update Your LinkedIn Profile!

Simon loves LinkedIn. Yes it’s full of weirdos, it’s a blight on humanity, and it’s really dumb. But it’s great for connecting to corporate partners, engaging professionals, and building connections to help your fundraising.

In his latest ‘Quick Tip’, Simon spends 10 minutes talking about what makes a great LinkedIn profile. He goes through the elements of your profile step-by-step with concrete advice on how to appeal to potential supporters.