#036 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Update Your LinkedIn Profile!

Simon loves LinkedIn. Yes it’s full of weirdos, it’s a blight on humanity, and it’s really dumb. But it’s great for connecting to corporate partners, engaging professionals, and building connections to help your fundraising.

In his latest ‘Quick Tip’, Simon spends 10 minutes talking about what makes a great LinkedIn profile. He goes through the elements of your profile step-by-step with concrete advice on how to appeal to potential supporters.

#035 Betty-Anne Howard – The Meaning Behind The Money

Simon sits down with a very different financial planner, Betty-Anne Howard (twitter.com/BettyAnneCFP). They talk through her 19 years experience helping regular people (not just rich people with more money than they can spend) plan their legacies.

Along the way they chat about businesses with heart, spending your inheritance, conversations, questions, and making dreams a reality.


Find Betty-Anne at bettyanne.net

Check out her Philanthropic Businesses Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/934086416760437

And buy her book at bettyanne.net/shop

#034 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Finding The Right Corporate Partners!

Rory Green says, “It is much easier to make someone who cares about you give you money than it is to make someone who has money care about you.”

So let’s stop competing for the same small pool of money and instead let’s try to tap in to the thousands of companies who have never been approached.

In this week’s Quick Tip Simon works through his ‘Circles’ exercise step-by-step, helping you identify the companies that are most likely to partner with you.

#032 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Networking For People Who Hate Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare reserved for sales people and weirdos. Yes…you can overcome the awkwardness. In this latest Quick Tip, Simon tells you how.

Networking (for want of a better word) is a crucial part of being a fundraiser, progressing your career, and just being human. You have to put yourself out there so good things can happen.

Don’t forget the Queen and King of Networking:
Nikki Bell at charitynikki.blog
Paul Nazareth at paulnazareth.com

#030 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Interview Beneficiaries & Gather Stories

A fundraiser not having conversations with beneficiaries is like a sports writer not watching the game!

Yes indeed…as a fundraiser you have to put aside time each week to talk to beneficiaries, front-line staff, volunteers, Board Members and donors. Asking the right questions will find you the stories and quotes that will make up your most effective content.

In the latest short Quick Tip Simon will talk you through how to do this step-by-step, and how to make your fundraising better!


Listen to Simon’s interview with Jen Love here:
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#029 Jen Love – Interviews & Conversations

Agent Jen Love (twitter.com/agentjenlove and agentsofgood.org) returns to the podcast this Valentine’s Day to teach us how to interview Beneficiaries, Donors and Staff.

We all know good fundraising is built on storytelling…but where do we get those stories? Jen Love takes us through step-by-step and shares her experience of extracting great stories through conversations with countless people.

Along the way, Simon asks a bunch of stupid questions and they touch on Patrick Swayze, death and legacies, tea and coffee, birds and buildings, and much more…

#028 QUICK TIPS BETTER FUNDRAISING: Welcome & Thank You Calls

Short and sharp…it’s Simon’s weekly educational segment, “Quick Tips. Better Fundraising.”

In a short 10-ish minute episode Simon helps you start making thank you calls and welcome calls, to improve your retention and boost your fundraising. These are really, really important! Let’s start doing them well!



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#027 Jenny Mitchell – Fundraiser Mindset

Simon chats to Jenny Mitchell of Chavender about fundraiser mindset, feeling isolated in fundraising, silos, time management, four quadrants and six buckets. They also talk about Nordstrom, the fall of Capitalism, Star Trek, KFC and the money values you’ve had in you since you were 5.

Here’s Jenny Mitchell:
On Twitter: twitter.com/JennyChavender
On LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chavender
On the web: chavender.com

And Jenny’s 21 Questions: http://chavender.com/21-conversations/