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    “We are at a point where profitable companies are making numerous donations to charities throughout the world. But these companies are demanding more and more from their donations – more recognition, more involvement, more say in how this money is used.”

    Corporate giving only accounts for 5-7% of all charitable giving worldwide. Any charity who lets a corporate hijack their time, resources and reputation is probably run by fundraising rookies. Experienced fundraisers go where the money is…individuals. 75% of all charitable giving is from individuals. Charities in Ireland have been over-dependent on corporate giving and events with heavy corporate sponsorship. The charities with the largest support by individuals are weathering the recession the best. Some of us are even growing.

    I agree charities need to be run on a more business like model but that doesn't mean getting more involved with corporates. Go where the money is. Build a fundraising programme with a focus on individuals.


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