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    Having worked on both sides, I agree there is less difference between charity staff and agency staff than some perceive. We all do good work, effectively and professionally hopefully. I guess the main difference, certainly in the case of people running their own businesses, is that their reward can vary hugely – from nothing in a start-up situation to a good living if business is good, but it is constantly at risk, whereas charity salaries are generally modest but dependable and generally have good job security, pension benefits, etc.

    However, I am baffled by “who earns bonuses from his charity employer for hitting fundraising targets”. I'm not aware of any charities that do this – maybe there are some, but I suspect they are few and far in between. Certainly, in the 20 years I worked for charities and often exceeded targets, I never received a bonus – unless you count the odd bottle of wine at Christmas given by kind supplier agencies!

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    Hi Bruce, I know a number of fundraising managers who work directly for charities that earn bonuses based on fundraising targets. At a guess I'd say it could be a quarter of fundraisers? Don't know…that would be an interesting survey to do.
    On top of that I believe every charity in Ireland that uses street and door fundraisers pay bonuses – I don't know of any that don't.

    I think it's even more common in the UK.

    I think it's a good thing. Good fundraisers need to be rewarded. If a charity isn't comfortable with that they can always think of it the other way: your OTE is your wage but this is reduced if the charity income reduces…a cost cutting measure.

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