How Was Your #GivingTuesday?


You probably already know I’m not very bright.

And you probably know I’m not a big fan of #GivingTuesday – I like that it encourages charities to ask, because charities simply don’t ask enough. But I’m beginning to feel stupider than ever. I’ve yet to see any real evidence that #GivingTuesday encourages donors to give, and it’s beginning to feel like the Emperor’s New Clothes as more and more media outlets and payment processors call it a huge success.

#GivingTuesday raises more money because charities ask more – not because a hashtag or a day-of-the-week inspires donors.

It’s #AskingTuesday.

The Guardian shared some UK figures under the headline, “Donations surge on UK’s second annual Giving Tuesday”:

Visa Europe revealed on Wednesday, with donations rising by 35% on last year’s figure. Online fundraising platform JustGiving raised £1.25m – a 46% increase on last year – and Virgin Money Giving reported a 50% increase.

All good news…but in the same article:

The hashtag #GivingTuesday was mentioned more than 100,000 times – three times as often as it appeared in 2014.

If we argued that a hashtag gives some indication of asks, we could surmise that this year our sector asked three times as much and didn’t even double donations.

So I’m genuinely asking…how was #GivingTuesday at your organisation?I want to be proven wrong. I want to hear that donations increased without your appeals and asks increasing.

Well, we didn’t do anything here in my charity, One In Four – and unsurprisingly we didn’t get any extra donations.

For the moment I’m going to leave #GivingTuesday alone. It’s not my charity’s most inspiring case for support. The cost of paid advertising spikes. It interferes with my Xmas appeal. It’s the absolute noisiest day of the year.

But is it working for you? Please let me know!

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