8 Steps To Becoming A Better Fundraiser


Here are 8 steps you can take to become a better fundraiser this year…

1. Check out Jen Love’s Webinar
Jen Love is a fantastic fundraiser who knows all about Donor Love. She’s running a webinar on the 28th of January for only $25 Canadian dollars (and the Canadian dollar is in bits…yay!)

2. Watch Bloomerang TV
Bloomerang publish really great fundraising blogs…but they also have pretty regular videos interviewing some of the world’s best fundraisers. They’re great.

3. Keep An Eye Out For The Wheel’s Training Sessions
I’ll be running a few training courses with The Wheel this year. Keep an eye on their fundraising page here for upcoming dates!

4. Read More
Here’s my ever-evolving recommended fundraising reading list. And if you want to start with something easy to read, entertaining and incredibly useful, then trysomething from Jeff Brooks.

5. Sign Up To Charity Mailing Lists
One of the best ways to learn about fundraising is signing up to the mailing lists of the some of the best (and worst) charity mailing lists around the world.

Let me recommend Merchants Quay Ireland, One In Four Ireland, or any of AskDirect’s clients. Also, check out Cope Galway – I completely stole one of their ideas last year and it turned out to be a great engagement piece (thank you David!)

If you want to know some of the worst then e-mail me.

6. Join The Fundraising Chat group on Facebook
This private group is a fantastic resource for ideas, and a great place to ask questions.

7. Meet Fundraisers For A Coffee
Fundraisers are a generous bunch. Reach out to the charities you’re impressed with and buy their fundraiser a cup of coffee. It’s amazing what you’ll learn.

8. Get A Mentor or Coach
We all need a mentor. And I’m happy to say I’ll be formally launching my Fundraising Coaching offer very soon!

And most of all…stay positive. Fundraising is the best job in the world and you are amazing!

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