Repetition in Fundraising


I’m a big fan of repetition in fundraising.

There’s a pressure for fresh content in your donor communications, but who has time to create a completely new message or appeal every time you reach out to your donors? And that can be counter-productive…sometimes repetition is essential.

Think of all the noise your donors hear: not just from charities but from the thousands of companies marketing at them and the hundreds of people in their ear all day every day. Sometimes you need to repeat your message for it to even be seen or heard. And if you’re not a priority (and you’re not) it can take a series of nudges before a person actually gets round to taking action.

The beauty of repeating your messages – besides saving time – is that it works. What worked then will almost certainly work again. You might remember it…you might even be sick of it…but the people on your mailing list probably can’t even remember seeing it.

In my charity we have our vault of ‘timeless blog posts’ and popular social media messages which we repeat time and time again.

And you know what? The popular ones stay popular. Every time.

Yes your content needs to evolve and grow and change, but it doesn’t need to be overhauled every time. Your newsletters and appeals should have a continuity…a gentle morph over time so that it always remains familiar to your audience.

Why scramble to find and write more and more new content when you have a vault of old reliables?


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