Should Your Charity Have A LinkedIn Page?

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LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools available to a fundraiser. If you do not have a personal LinkedIn page then go set one up. It’s helpful for your career, for learning, for connecting and for conveniently building your network. Even if you’re not thinking of moving now or don’t feel you need a ‘network’ right now, one day you might.

But I’m often asked if it’s worth setting up a LinkedIn page for your non-profit.

There’s two ways you can do it
1. As an Individual page with an image and details of your organisation.
2. Using LinkedIn’s company page feature.

In both circumstances I would still say, “Almost definitely no.” It is not worth your time to set up a LinkedIn page for your non-profit.

Why not?

Well firstly, it’s a bit of a logistical pain in the ass. To get people to like your Company Page is a challenge if you’re starting from scratch. It’s possible, in the same way you’d grow other social media followers, but it’s unlikely to be worth the effort. People use it differently from Facebook, and while an organisation Page on Facebook is almost necessary, your organisation page on LinkedIn is less enticing.

Secondly, it becomes one more thing for you to update and manage. And while tools like Buffer can make that much easier for you, to really make it effective requires time. And I would argue that your time is better spent engaging with your personal LinkedIn or in other areas of your job.

But the big reason is that it dehumanises you.

Humans give to humans. People don’t unsubscribe from humans…they unsubscribe from companies. One of the most important lessons in fundraising is realising that the more human you make your approach and your organisation, the more people will engage with you.

Having said all of that, if you have spare time (and I’ve never met anyone that does) then go ahead and do it. There are a couple of other advantages, like the fact your non-profit will still have that network even after you leave. Also, there is a small segment of people that would prefer to follow and connect with a company rather than you.

But before you do, be realistic: aren’t there better ways to spend your time?

Or do you totally disagree? I’d love to see examples of genuinely effective non-profit company pages (and I don’t just mean large numbers of followers).

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