7 Easy Ways to Become A Better Fundraiser in 2018


No two fundraisers are the same, of course. When I’m working with a Fundraising Coaching client we obviously deal with a lot of unique issues and work to come up with tailored answers.

But there are common themes.

I wanted to share some of the recurring recommendations I’ve given to pretty much all of my individual clients. So here you go…7 easy ways for you to become a better fundraiser this year:

  1. Meet Other Fundraisers
    Fundraisers are really generous with their time and knowledge. Find a couple that do a similar role as you in a different organisation and take them out for a coffee. You can help each other.
  2. Join A Board
    Yes, even you. It doesn’t matter if you feel too young or too inexperienced, there is so much you can offer a non-profit by becoming a volunteer Board member. As a fundraiser, they’re lucky to have you. For you, it’s great on your CV, you learn loads, and it’s great for networking. More than that, you’ll see fundraising from a different perspective and you’ll be better equipped to tackle your CEO and Board in your own organisation.
  3. Join Fundraising Chat on Facebook
    One of my favourite on-line resources – throw out a question and you’ll get a bunch of intelligent replies. Why make mistakes that others have already made?
  4. Mystery Shop Other Charities
    Join some mailing lists and make some donations. See what others are sending out and get inspired.
  5. Get A Volunteer or Intern and Use Them
    If your organisation can afford to hire staff for you then great. But if not, consider asking your supporters if anyone would like to volunteer. Get them to relieve you of some of the admin that takes up your time. Tell them and teach them about your fundraising strategy: you benefit from having to explain to someone else because it makes you get organised and structured. And they can almost certainly add some great ideas.
  6. Have More Conversations With Your Supporters
    As Tony Elischer said, fundraising is about dialogue and not monologue. Pick up the phone to more supporters, organise more face-to-face meetings and send out more e-mail. Ask questions. Do it for me today: send an e-mail to your mailing list asking people why they support what you do.
  7. Get Learning
    There’s a bunch of fundraising conferences I’d recommend (come say hello!) but if you don’t have the budget or can’t get to them then there are cheaper alternatives. Have a look at my on-line courses which are cheap or free, with more coming this year.

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