You Don’t Need Everyone To Care


I’m just back from running a 2-day fundraising/strategy getaway in a weird little village somewhere in Norway. You can see some photos here. (I’m not under the false illusion that you care, but you really should consider coming next year as it was so beautiful and fun and productive).

What I wanted to share with you today was one of the constant messages we talked about in Norway, and one of the constant messages I seem to end up talking about with almost everyone I work with…

You don’t need everyone to care.

Trying to make everyone care, trying to make everyone understand and be aware, trying to get everyone to donate, trying to keep everyone happy…it’s inefficient. The time and money we spend trying to win the hearts of an entire population is much more effectively spent on the handful of people that are already leaning towards you.

  • Talk to the companies and individuals that are already connected to you. Not necessarily the big names that are all over the papers, but the ones who have already crossed your path.
  • Love the donors that already give to you. Get your thank-yous and retention right before you start spending time and money to bring new donors on board. Look after the donors that already care for you rather than trying to make everyone else care.
  • Target your message. As Rory Green says, “It’s easier to make someone who cares give you money than make someone who has money start to care.”

How many times have you heard a charity say, “If everyone in the country just gave $1!”?

Forget it…it’s not going to happen. But a small cluster of people giving larger chunks of money…that happens every day. That’s how you hit your targets and how you achieve your goals.

That’s good fundraising.

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