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4 replies added

  1. Order Valium From Canada

    Thanks for this, Simon. I was thoroughly annoyed when that research was posted and subsequently defended by their director. Great to read some commonsense pushback on some of the finer points such as a weak script and a lazy 3-7 month wait to make the calls!

  2. Buy Diazepam Bulk

    Speaking as a donor to public broadcasting, I’ve always found that line about “we couldn’t do it without you,” just a bit insulting. Of course they couldn’t! Their funding all comes from me. Either I donate, or pay taxes (a miniscule percent of my taxes go to fund them and it makes only a small portion of their budget), or I support the companies that underwrite their programming. It’s great that you called this out, Simon.
    It’s also great that you called out the study authors for their overgeneralized application of their results. Study public broadcasting donations and them generalize to all charities. Notice that thank you calls didn’t get made for 5-7 months, but don’t blame the timing for the “tepid” responses. And don’t mention that those who actually were contacted with a positive interaction were more likely to give again…
    Great read, Simon!

  3. Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg

    This is awful research. Not worthy of their headline. Basically, they never really tested the premise.

    As you say, they found that late and badly scripted phone calls to thank these particular type of donors were pointless. I agree! It’s like saying ‘Badly written direct mail isn’t worth it!’. Wow.

    But there is just as much awful research saying thank you calls / letters etc are worth it. Often based on qualitative or quantitative research.

    Despite that, your main conclusion is spot on.

    Though I would dismiss the inference of option 2: that we *know* thank you calls work.

    Thanking because “I think it is just the right thing to do” is unethical and can lead to shoddy practice in other areas.

    We can’t pick and choose what we want to be evidence-based. And we shouldn’t dismiss the (non quant and qual) research that shows that thanking is a good thing! We don’t need to say “we don’t need evidence, we just know it is right”.

    Many charity leaders decide against things because they think they are the ‘wrong thing to do’ despite evidence.

    Don’t like long letters?
    Don’t like F2F because it annoys you personally?
    Think phone calls for monthly gifts to doors are bothersome?

    That means their charity probably raises less income. Of course, each of them could have a data-driven or economic reason not to do them for any individual organisation.

    But not doing them ‘because it is the wrong thing to do’ is turning your back on your mission. Doing thank you calls/letters “Because they are the right thing to do” is just as much a ‘sin’.

    But don’t fret – plenty of measures have been done to show that thanking (promptly and properly) increases lifetime value – ie the true measure of long-term engagement.

    Pareto Fundraising did a study that showed that the second* most important variable on F2F acquired monthly givers was whether the donor received a prompt and thorough thank you call. All the other stuff – ongoing comms, SMSs, invitations etc tend to have a positive impact but with less (and possibly too marginal) impact.

    What is a thorough thank you? That is the subject of many blogs but what I have seen time and time again is that a well-written ask in a thank you letter does not negate the value of the retention impact. In fact, a couple of charities in Australia who bothered to test found that a beautiful thank you letter with a ‘soft’ ask increased overall retention!


    *The most important variable was the age of the person who came on board.

  4. Cheap Valium Wholesale

    Great comments all. Sean Triner hit the nail on the head when he used the words “prompt” and “thorough” in front of thank you call. Would love to see links to some blogs on this topic which are known to be from reliable sources.

    I agree with Sean as well that we need to be careful about making assumptions that steps are the right ones to take. As a faculty member and person who has engaged in research, I rankle at studies that proport to provide information that is of value. We need more and better research to verify that what we have said is best practice really is. I know the chair of the AFP Reseach Council and will share this with her.

    I also know a firm that consults with many a public media station, I plan to ask the founder about this study and his thoughts about the results.

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