Instagram Donation Stickers…the next big thing?

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Instagram Donation Stickers are being rolled out to more and more charities in more and more countries and is definitely something you should consider adding to your fundraising mix.

But Simon! You hate digital and you’re annoying how you’re constantly negative about it and undermine it! No no no…I love digital when the return justifies the time we spend on it. And like Facebook Fundraising, Instagram donations are most likely going to be worthwhile for you.

While the best way to understand how it works is to just start messing around with it, let me try to give the short version:

  • Your organisation and other users of Instagram and can add ‘stickers’ to their stories with things like the date or location or quizzes or current cool things the youths are in to. ‘Donation’ is now one of those stickers.
  • Well, first you’ll have to be signed up for the Facebook/Instagram giving tools, link your nonprofits Instagram & Facebook, and make sure your nonprofit’s Instagram is a business profile.
  • The story stays on your profile for 24 hours unless you choose to highlight it indefinitely.
  • Stories can be more than one video/photo, with other stickers and captions/text and you could put the Donate sticker/button on every one of these.
  • People who click on your sticker are able to then process their donation from within the Instagram app.

This is all very cool for many of the same reasons as Facebook Fundraisers: Instagram already has a huge audience and you’re probably already on it, they very possibly already have your donors’ credit card details making the process frictionless, and Instagram are probably going to support and encourage giving through nudges and matching and continued mental manipulation.

It also sucks for the many of the same reasons as Facebook Fundraisers: the data and audience is not yours…it’s Instagram’s, there’s the risk of clogging up Instagram with asks and putting yourself at the whim of they’re changes, and because Instagram and Facebook magnify depression.

But heck it! It can work for fundraisers!

So how do you make the most of it and maximise income?

Here are my quick tips:

  1. Don’t feel you have to use the donation sticker on every image and video. It’s an ask…and so try to box of some thanking and reporting stories that don’t ask.
  2. Having said that, your Donation sticker should be on every post where followers will want to take action. People donate when they’re passionate, angry, upset, moved…and then our job is to give them an outlet to express those emotions.
  3. Like all good fundraising asks, consider your problem and solution. Think about how you can bring some urgency in to the story. Think about how you can make it personal and human and relevant to the viewer.
  4. The real money is in your followers and non-followers using these stickers for you…so encourage them, teach them and motivate them. Show them how it works…show them how to make it work better…and then thank them and support them when they do.
  5. When followers choose to add a donation sticker Instagram will suggest charities for them. A lot of this will be based on their interactions with you in the past. So don’t expect people to find you if you haven’t been engaging them with good quality content beforehand.

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