“Dear First Name”…a new Country Fundraising song


Ever since your first donation I watched you from afar,
I would have loved to done approached you but GDPR,
Fell in love with your gift and face
Dear first name, Won’t you let me put you on my database?

Finally got you at my silent auction I thought I’d tell you how I feel
My knees were knocking and my bucket was shaking, would you respond to my appeal
But you left with my corporate sponsor and its playing on my mind
To me you’re a major donor but to him just a gift in kind

Dear first name, won’t you take my last name?
I’m longing for your kiss
Add me to your will
Dear friend, wont you opt in to my list?

Now every day feels like a year end where I haven’t hit my goal,
Like a Board and a CEO that won’t invest in digital.
If you gave me a chance to prove it it would just be heaven sent,
Our retention rate would be one hundred and fifty percent.

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