Non-profit, non-sense

I made a ridiculous statement in a meeting this week where I claimed there was no such thing as a non-profit organisation. More specifically, profit making companies and non-profits are essentially the same thing but just perceived differently. Yes, it doesn’t really make sense and is easily disputed and dismissed. Legally there are non-profits. But […]

Tick To Give…or not

Argos run a great fundraising campaign called ‘Tick to Give’. If you’re familiar with Argos you’ll know that you find the product you want in their catalogue, fill out an ‘order slip’ in-store, and take it to the cashier to pay for before collecting your purchase at a different counter. On each order slip they […]

Imagine Two Organisations

Imagine two organisations – a Charity and a Business. The Business gives 50% of its income to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. For this they are heralded as one of the most generous, benevolent and ethical companies in the world. The Charity spends 50% of its income on overheads, wages, marketing, […]

My Session at the Fundraising Ireland National Conference 2012

The slides from my presentation don’t give the full picture of what I discussed at my Fundraising Ireland session, but here they are regardless: [slideshare id=12116666&w=427&h=356&style=border-width: 1px 1px 0; border: 1px solid #CCC; margin-bottom: 5px; max-width: 100%;&sc=no] In addition, I thought it would be useful to highlight what I feel were the most important points […]

Fundraising Ireland’s National Fundraising Conference 2012

Inspired by Howard Lake‘s usual collection of resources from UK fundraising events I decided here would be a good place to collect useful and interesting tweets, links, resources, etc. from Fundraising Ireland’s National Fundraising Conference on 20th & 21st March 2012. Twitter The hashtag for the conference is #finfc12 – follow live updates here. Here […]

Why Charities Are Doomed

This is a speech I made in February 2012. I wish I could tell you that charities are doomed because they will no longer be needed. I would love to tell you poverty will be history, unnecessary disease and death will be eliminated, there will be a cure for cancer and AIDS, and that all […]

Chuggers in the Media

This was originally posted on the Total Fundraising website on 24th February 2012. I started my professional fundraising career as a chugger a good few years ago in Melbourne, Australia when I was on a working holiday visa and needed the money. I hadn’t been aware that you could work for a charity and get […]