NEW Corporate Fundraising On-line Course…with a discount just for YOU!

  My Corporate #Fundraising on-line course has just launched! It’s a cheap, practical, step-by-step course helping you raise money from companies! My lovely followers get a discount by using code ‘DELIGHTER’. Sign up now here: www.udemy.com/corporate-fundraising … and get updates free for life! When done well corporate fundraising has the potential to be one of the most […]


Who Cares About Data Protection? (guest post from Caroline Cummins)

“Data Protection: THE PARADOX.” (*Read in film trailer voiceover voice*) “Everyone’s “interested”, but nobody wants to know. Data Protection: THE ENIGMA; after GDPR can we mail people? No, definitely not. Wait…ummm, maybe? It depends!” I’m sorry. I can’t make Data Protection entertaining. As a guest (and first-time) blogger, I felt obligated to try. Be gentle with me. […]


What I Learned At #IFC2017

The IFC is phenomenal. It’s one of the most – if not the most – significant event for fundraisers around the world. About 1000 of the top fundraisers from all over the world descend on a shithole of a hotel on the outskirts  of Amsterdam each year to see epic plenaries, high-quality workshops and masterclasses, […]