The Death of Pie

I have grown to dislike and distrust these pie charts. Charities often display them prominently and they’re often the first thing potential donors look for. But I’d like them – in their current form – banished. Firstly, they completely oversimplify what we do. They are all about input with no mention of output. Why should we care if […]

The Magic 100,000

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a charity CEO shouldn’t earn more than €100,000 a year, despite their skills or how well the organisation performs because of them, and despite the fact that we have made this totally acceptable in the private sector and we all aspire to earn that much. I’m not very smart. Let’s assume […]

Charity News Article Comments Bingo

I’ve developed a fascination recently with the public comments you find on-line below, or attached to, news articles about charities. The articles themselves are sometimes quite interesting, but very often bland with no real information. But the comments that come in afterwards give a good insight to the [on-line] public’s perception of the charity sector. […]

“I’ll Never Donate To You Again”

It’s a powerful threat, isn’t it?The thoughts of an individual telling you, a charity, that you’ll never receive another cent from them is scary and one that is usually taken seriously.But the threat has become bandied about with members of the public conveniently threatening charities with a boycott because they use chuggers, spend too much […]

Why We’re Switching to iPads

What you might notice over the coming weeks and months on the street, at your door step and in shopping centres are more and more fundraisers carrying iPads. We are moving away from paper Direct Debit forms and, in stages, kitting out every one of our chuggers with a brand spanking new iPad. Now presumably it’s […]

National Volunteering Week

It’s National Volunteering Week, which is great. Volunteering is a beautiful thing where everyone benefits. But did you ever stop to consider that it might be more productive to use those volunteering hours to instead work extra hours in a paid job that you’re qualified in, excel in, and probably already work in? You might […]