Do Your Co-Workers Hate Fundraising?

Fundraising challenges come at you from all directions. Sometimes the most disheartening and difficult challenge is the resistance you might receive from your co-workers. At some stage you’ve probably witnessed the other staff in your charity complain about fundraising or felt their lack of support and interest. You might even have felt alone in your […]

The Evolution of Statistics

I wrote before how Bad Statistics Are Dangerous For Charities. Here’s a great example of how a statistic evolves on-line… Here’s the original statistic from the (questionable) research: “64% say that corporate social responsibility is core to their business rather than being a stand-alone programme”. Note that this is derived from asking CEOs “Which of these statements […]


The Fundraisers Book Club

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details. The Fundraisers Book Club was the brainchild of Gaby Murphy (Purplegrass)  Colin Skehan (Merchants’ Quay) and Simon Scriver (ChangeFundraising). We are all members of Rogare, the Fundraising Think Tank based at the University of Plymouth’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy and we were looking for a […]


7 Basic Rules of Public Speaking

Here are seven basic rules to help you speak well, confidently and without giving a hint of the nerves you may be feeling: Don’t apologise People generally only notice your mistakes when you draw attention to them. Don’t tell people you’ve forgotten something…they don’t know that. Just take a pause, have a drink of water, and […]


Fundraising For Humans

[This post originally appeared on] I remember volunteering for Childline. Kids would phone, text or e-mail with all sorts of questions and stories – from horrific cases of abuse to completely nonsensical banter. Many calls were pranks…groups of kids phoning up to tease us, mock us and attempt to get a rise out of […]