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Buy Valium London Uk, Valium Online Uk 2013

I would love to help you raise more money.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.


I teach good fundraising. I can help you, your team, your staff, your volunteers and your Board raise more money.


I write fundraising strategies. Not big documents that sit on a shelf. I help you develop a step-by-step ‘how-to’ strategy that will actually be used and actually work.

Fundraising Audits

I can audit your entire fundraising strategy or any specific area, make recommendations for improvement, and help you implement them.

Keynotes & More

Opening and closing plenaries. Motivational and demotivational talks. Panels and podcasts. MC-ing and hosting. Workshops and seminars. Oh my!

Coaching & Mentoring

One-off sessions or regular meetings and calls, we all need a mentor or coach. I can be the support you need to become a better fundraiser.


I like drinking tea and gossiping about charities and fundraising.

Takes All Kinds

I work with organisations of all sizes. Individuals and groups. Charities, nonprofits, startups, events.

How We Start

Let’s have an informal chat first – either meet for tea or a video call. Let’s figure out what you need and I’ll do a formal proposal or point you in the right direction.