Are you a fundraiser surrounded by non-fundraisers? Have you got a board or manager who doesn’t understand fundraising?  So they can’t give you the support you need? Or is your training budget limited and you don’t want to spend it on fundraising conferences aimed at big charities who are nothing like you?

Well then you’ll be interested in this…

I’m taking on new clients for my  fundraising coaching programme…

You get:

  • Personalised and specific support to directly help your fundraising and career right now.
  • Depending on your schedule and preferences, we can chat by phone, Google Hangout, Skype (please not Skype) or meet in person. After an initial conversation, we’ll agree a timeline and framework that fits you perfectly—and also can evolve as we go.
  • Ongoing e-mail support – ask that quick question or flick over a piece of work for me to cast my eye over.
  • Share the love amongst your fundraising team – if you have a team of fundraisers we can sit down as a group or one-on-one – pick and chose as and when you need it.
  • Learn from an experienced fundraising practitioner – someone who has been a successful fundraising in a small charity and with big agencies. I’m have a Certificate in Fundraising AND a Diploma in Fundraising. I’ve won more than one Irish Fundraising Award.
  • Access to my network – I’ll introduce you to some of the best fundraisers in the world. The people who I ask when I don’t know the answer or want a different perspective.
  • Invitations to ‘Fundraising Clinics’ – bounce ideas around and listen to some of the best speakers.
  • You’ll keep getting my public newsletter, but you’ll also get bonus information and resources that are only available to my inner circle of awesome.
  • Huge discounts on my fundraising audit and other services — one great thing about coaching is that it can open your eyes up to different and better ways to do what you do, and I can help you find great solutions.
  • I’ll always buy the hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Sometimes I get free drinks at Insomnia like Organic Chumnee Lemon Green Tea or Strawberry Granita…you can have them because I think they’re dumb.

If you think we’re a good match then and you want to raise more and earn more then get in touch now…let’s chat about the possibilities.