Here are best-selling, affordable on-line training courses that you can do from anywhere and in your own time. All come with a 30-day guarantee and the links below give you a huge discount!

Taking The Fear Out Of Corporate Fundraising
Step-By-Step Guide To Engaging Businesses & Boosting Your Non-profit’s Income

Digital Marketing For Non-Profits & Charities
Getting Started & Setting Priorities With Digital Marketing: Building An Audience, Communicating and Fundraising Online

Fundraising From Scratch
A practical guide to boosting the fundraising and income of your non-profit, organization, charity, cause or crowdfunder

Public Speaking – Manage Your Fear And Progress Your Career!
Improve Your Public Speaking…Gain The Confidence And Skills To Succeed,
and Even Become A Paid Speaker!

The 20-Day Fundraising Challenge
Over the course of 20 days you’ll learn a bunch of new fundraising skills, tricks and tips to help you raise more money.

Looking to run a workshop at your conference or in-house at your organisation? Here are some of my sessions available:

Fundraising For Introverts*
You’re empathetic, creative and skilled in spotting opportunities, all qualities to be a great fundraiser. But to be an amazing fundraiser you need to put yourself out there, network constantly and be comfortable in front of a crowd. Let’s face it…we don’t always feel up to it. In this session Nikki & Simon will give you the tools and the confidence you need to open new doors, boost your fundraising, advance your career and become a better leader.

Award-winning fundraisers who have overcome anxiety and self-doubt to become public speaking contest winners & respected relationship builders, we’ll share our learnings of how to achieve your fundraising goals when all you really want to do is hide behind your desk.

Networking, For People Who Hate Networking*

Corporate Fundraising
Does your organisation encourage you to approach anyone & everyone for a partnership? Do you feel overstretched & overwhelmed on where to begin? Have you had enough of cold calling & want to spend your precious time looking for and working with the businesses that will have the biggest impact?  Then this session is for you. We’ll explore the best methods of looking for, pitching to and working with corporate partners to flip your corporate fundraising from scattered to strategic.

Building Your Personal Brand – Getting Noticed And Advancing Your Career
While you’re busy raising funds and promoting your organization, are you neglecting the marketing of yourself as an individual? How can you become ‘known’ inside and outside of the sector? And how can you leverage your own ‘personal brand’ to earn more, open doors, and discover new opportunities?

Fundraising From Scratch – The First 100 Days
Are you a brand new fundraiser? Or have you relied on grants but now want to start raising money? Or are you a new organisation? Well then this session is for you. Having built a fundraising department from scratch, Simon will share his own tips and tricks. He will share successes and failures from the small and medium charities he has worked with as a volunteer, consultant and Board Member.

Fundraising Is A Lonely Hunter
We all know the donor is the hero and your organisation exists for your beneficiaries. But what about you…the fundraiser? In this session – ideal for a plenary – will look at the unique mental and emotional challenges we face as fundraisers. He’ll talk about his own experiences as an award-winning and mental-breakdown-having fundraiser. He’ll share stories of other fundraisers who have been neglected and undermined. And he’ll ask what we can do about it, including how to ‘internally market’ fundraising to your co-workers.

Small Budget, Big Impact
As a fundraiser, you’re the bridge between your donors, beneficiaries, co-workers, volunteers and the Board. With limited time and resources, how do you use your working week wisely? Simon will look at the life of a Small Shop Fundraiser, with lessons that can be used in organisations of any size.

Donor Love – What Are Your Donors Going Through?
As a fundraiser, you’re the bridge between your donors, beneficiaries, co-workers, volunteers and the Board. Every interaction and every conversation is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and grow your fundraising. But with no time and no money how do you give supporters the experience they deserve?

Let’s Mystery Shop
In this highly interactive session, the group will mystery shop several organisations in an effort to learn what we’re doing well and what we’re doing not so well. On-line and on the phone, Simon will attempt to make a number of donations and ask a number of questions. As a group we’ll discuss the experiences in an effort to improve all of our fundraising.

Better Public Speaking For Good
As a fundraiser your public speaking is so important. How you deliver your message can be the difference between someone donating, volunteering, or doing nothing. We can all benefit if we have better public speakers working in the charity sector.

Telephone Fundraising – One Ring To Rule Them All
The telephone offers a cheap way to engage with a large number of individuals very quickly, while still being personal and immediately adaptable.  Still, only a small number of charities see it as a fundraising tool. This session will look at the different types of calls you might make including care calls, upgrades, conversions and reactivations.

Monthly Donor Retention
Results and real data is still scarce in the global charity sector, both because of an unwillingness to share and the lack of resources to do so. Simon looks at real figures and real trends based on hundreds of thousands of regular donors and discusses what we can learn from them and how we can improve donor management.

Fundraising Trickery – The Little Nudges To Boost Your Fundraising
There are numerous tricks, techniques and ‘nudges’ proven to boost your existing fundraising. In this session Simon will walk you through several, both on-line and off-line, which you’ll be able to roll out in your own organisation tomorrow.

We’ll look at upgrades, direct debit dates, mobile ads, thank yous, web forms and more.

Yeh we can totally do whatevs you want.

* jointly led sessions

Oh you wanna see me live? Come see one of the following shows:


  • April 16th – 17th – AFP International Fundraising Conference (New Orleans)
  • April 26th – Finnish Fundraising Conference (Helsinki, Finland)
  • May 1st – Corporate Fundraising Seminar (Dublin, Ireland)
  • May 10th – 11th – IoF York (Yorkshire, UK)
  • July 2nd – 4th – Institute of Fundraising Convention (London, UK)
  • July 12th – 13th – AskDirect Summer School (Dublin, Ireland)
  • August 28th – 30th – Fundraising Forum (Sydney, Australia)
  • September 11th – 12th – IoF NE (Newcastle, UK)
  • October 2nd – 3rd – Scottish Fundraising Conference (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • October 9th – 11th – CEE Fundraising Conference (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • October 16th – 19th – International Fundraising Congress (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • November 19th – 21st – AFP Congress (Toronto, Canada)
  • TBC – PAREntworking

Past Events


  • March 27th – Cause Camp (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)


  • March 15th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • March 23rd – Toastmasters Dublin Area event
  • March 30th – Jumpstart Your Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • March/April 2017 – On-site in Canada
  • April 6th – Fundraising Clinic (Dublin, Ireland)
  • April 6th – Jumpstart Your Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • April 19th – Jumpstart Your Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • April 25th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • April 26th – Jumpstart Your Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • April 30th – May 2nd – AFP International Fundraising Conference (San Francisco, USA)
  • May 12th – 14th – Toastmasters Conference (Manchester, UK)
  • May 23rd – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • May 30th – Fundraising 101 Seminar (Dublin, Ireland)
  • May 31st – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • July 3rd – 5th – Institute of Fundraising Convention (London, UK)
  • August 23rd – 26th – Toastmasters Conference (Vancouver, Canada)
  • August 2017 – AskDirect Summer School 2017 (TBC)
  • September 5th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • September 12th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • September 14th – Fundraising Conference (Norway)
  • September 27th – 28th – IoF North West Conference (Chester, UK)
  • October 3rd – 4th – Scottish Fundraising Conference
  • October 5th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • October 10th – Telephone Fundraising webinar (CharityHowTo)
  • October 12th – Corporate Fundraising Seminar (Dublin, Ireland)
  • October 17th – Public Speaking Workshop (IFC, Holland)
  • October 18th – 20th – International Fundraising Congress (Holland)
  • November 2017 – On-site in Canada
  • December 2017 – Sleeping.